About texrngr73

Ron has spoken on memory skills all over the
world including Malaysia, Singapore, Belgium, Puerto Rico,
Canada, Thailand, Afghanistan and even Nebraska! Ron is
considered to be the world’s foremost memory expert and
trainer. He has memorized the names of 200 people in 15
minutes even more times than he can remember! Audiences have
long marveled at his ability to memorize a 60 digit number in
less than 90 seconds or memorize a deck of shuffled cards in
a flash. Every audience Ron shares his talk with leaves
laughing, amazed and empowered that they can do the same
thing! He has delivered tailored workshops for General
Motors, Microsoft, Toyota, Honda, American Airlines, Cisco
Systems, Boy Scouts of America, Lexus, Coldwell Banker,
Pfizer, Century 21 and thousands more around the world. Ron
has appeared on over 200 radio programs, FOX television,
newspapers and magazines all over the world. In August of
2003, Ron was the guest on the British television program,
‘Simply the Best’ in which he demonstrated how anyone could
train their mind to think more effectively. In July of 2005,
he appeared on CBS television’s Great Day San Antonio and The
Trinity Broadcasting Network. In January 2006, was a guest on
the Discovery Channel’s ‘Dr. Know’ series discussing memory
myths. Ron is the author of 2 books and over a dozen personal
development audio programs including his best selling ‘Memory
in a Month’ 6 CD album sold around the world everyday. Ron
promises to memorize a 40 digit number live for your group
that the group creates and he never sees and then teach them
memory skills to do the same and catapult their business!! He
is also a proud member of the US Navy currently serving as a
reservist and returned December 2007 from serving a tour in


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