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Why I like baseball

There are a million and one reasons I love watching baseball but one of the best reasons is that I thoroughly enjoy watching experts perform at the highest level of any field. To watch Michael Young start a double play on what everyone thought was a clean base hit, or to watch Albert Pujols jack one out of the park in Houston during the playoffs in the clutch, or watch Derek Jeter make that now famous running catch and throw home from the FIRST BASE LINE,  simply pros hitting balls far and deep, pitchers making batters look silly and just all around experts doing what they do so well….

It is a metaphor for life…if you work hard, practice through repitition and put in more work than the average Joe you can become an expert in your field and others will watch in awe!

Watching experts perform is part of the draw along with strategy, patience and the fact that anyone could win. Last year I picked the Brewers at the begining of the season to win it all! Did the do it? Nope! But they almost made the playoffs and who else was predicting that?! The year before I picked the Tigers (in april) and they almost made me look like Karnac! This year I still believe any team can win and so with my heart and not my head I say GO TEXAS RANGERS!!!

I could fill blogs and blogs with why I love baseball but will leave it with this as I eagerly await that first pitch!